Newyear’s Instagram




8.10 pm 9/24/2012

NY: No makeup

B: real angel lol

NY: You’ll see!

B> lol I didn’t copy anything




9.12 pm 9/27/2012

NY: Finish shooting today. Good night. Please don’t forget to check what’s coming up soon

B: O[]O




NY: Siam Paragon

B: Soooooo over the top

NY: sooooo much more




8.22 pm 10/5/201

NY: I am dying on these books. It is on tmr. Hope for a good GAT PAT score.

B: Good luck. Keep fighting!

ps. GAT, PAT = a kind of entrance exam to university




NY: Shooting today coming soon 26/20/12

ireenneeri: Are you free on Sat? if so, please like it

B: NO lol, @ireenneeri*

ireenneeri: @B you are so fast







3.08 pm 10/13/2012

B: So sweet.

NY: @both

B: Give it to me?

NY: Who gave me this bouquet?

B: Ah right who is that?

NY: Someone did.










3.15 pm 10/15/2012

NY: ^___________^

B: So cute.

NY: get well quickly, so I can go to bother you again lol





3.40 pm 10/16/2012

NY: Vegetarian meal this time is very yummy.

B: Why so? Can I join? 

NY: Joined already no?







6.43 pm 10/17/2012

NY: Going to China Tow. Wating for mom getting dressed, I’m full now.



B: Enjoy eating. Eat a lot.

NY: ok great. What if I’m fat?

B: It’s ok lol




9.58 pm 10/18/2012

NY: *sigh*

B: What happened?

NY: Who else could do it? Cheating (on me)…!

B: Who is that?




9.34 pm 10/19/2012

NY: The most delicious of the month.

B: Really? Why so?

NY: Coz we ate together, didn’t we?

B: haha yes we did haha delicious indeed right?







5.38 pm 10/22/2012

NY: Waiting in the dark is scary each day.

B: *hug*










1.34 pm 10/25/2012

NY: Facts about the impostor case pretending to be me. Don’t forget to watch it in Youtube. Q&A with Neayear.

B: All clear. Case closed… I watch it too lol




1.56 pm 10/30/2012

NY: Forever

B: Yes forever ^^

NY: Smile 

B: Look like an angelll

NY: It’s you who took this picture, remember? Silent Hill or Resident Evil LOL

B: The photographer took well the shot lol Rather Resident Hill lol Nonsense huh?

NY: Did it, played it, got angry with it LOL So funny 

B: Rightt lol




5.12 pm 11/1/2012

NY: Sky fall with @sornsornn. Envy right?

B: Envy so muchhhhh. Wanna watch too.

NY: Will take you to watch it together “Meeh-Noy” (= little bear), ok?

B: OK, giant Dek-Puak (= skin-so-white-like-taro boy)




3.25 pm 11/2/2012

B: You must go with me.You and I.

NY: Sureeee. Going with you. Reconciling right?

B: yuppp Will start to pout back , Dek Puak

NY: Won’t let you pout LOL I want to go to Paris now.

B: OK me too. Start to keep and save money now.







NY: ME & super mom , love, familiy day

B: @NY Hi mom

NY: @B you have greeted. why not call us?




NY: Good nite with my Kuma

B: @NY so cute, both the bear and you

NY: @B *bear* *smile*

B: @NY *love* *NY*




9.55 pm 11/6/2012

B: really really happy @NY

NY: naughty bear*. How was it. Its 4 hrs today. I am missing you already.

B: @NY Oh. Who was the naughty one, really. Dek-Pherk.

NY: @B Papa, wanna come to see me??

B: @NY will go for sure… so agitating**, ain’t you

NY: thats me …!!

B: Ohuu~~~ come come

B: thank you everyone

*Bear = Both
** in a funny teasing way




NY: this bear was fussing about hunger+forced to eat a lot @B recover quickly na.

B: @NY thx, I m well already. sure, thats because of you.

NY: @B miss you, (my) little bear

B: miss u too dek-pherk @NY




NY: little bear, don’t just keep smiling, come to tutor me on O-net now ^^

B: @NY sure, full mark for sure lol go back to revision now now *NY*

NY: @B, you are so smart so you ve got to teach me what you have learnt from doing dentistry. a lot. Also, set a plan for me too

B: @NY ok, you ve got to read as I said, k.

B: @NY

NY: @B




NY: @B I am still waiting for you, my bear

B: @NY wait for me… I will come and find you, miss you so much *NY*

NY: @B mum=miss you more, lum = love you more lol

B: @NY ok, but I love you more and more and miss you more and more each day, lol

B: @NY ran out of battery

B: @NY wait a sec




NY: me and @B say gd nite to everyone. My bear is feeling really sleepy (read CU-tep til getting so sleepy)

B: @NY u will sure pass the test because you read with me, dek-pherk, lol

NY: @B Sure, best daddy.

B: @NY lets fight together




NY: *sunday*

B: sunday, so wut?

NY: @B so, I am missing you ^ ^

B: @NY reaalllyyy~~~~




B: after school, came back home *clock* and found a bunch of roses to surprise me at home @B thx so much, I am so happy, my little bear.
you are so cute. you keep surprising me all the time, papa. miss you

B: @NY I ve got so embarrassed now. feel good right. I am glad dek-pherk likes it. im happy that u like it.. miss you too

NY: @B love you so much. I am soo glad we love each other this much. see you on sunday, papa *luv*

B: sure, I will always love you … more and more each day. more than you too, lol. see you, dek-pherk *couple holding hands* @NY




NY: Very happy now @B *bear*

B: @NY me too, it will happen again… eat well. *NY*




NY: shopping with family, but without @B mee-pherk*

B: @NY please wait for me, just 4 days and we will meet…. yeah!!!

NY: @B

NY: @B good nite and …. ? just fill the blank.

B: @NY good nite and have a sweet dream naaa Dek-pherk*

B: @NY lumts naaaa, pherk.

NY: @B lumts means love you most, lol

PS. Mee-pherk literally means albino bear. NY uses it to refer to B
Dek-phark literally means albino kid. B uses it to call NY




NY: will always be with you, *B*. Just 4 days before we meet. I will take lots of photos. will loads onto IG later

Ny: @B

B: yessssss, same here, only 4 days …. you must eat lots naaaa, so you won’t get stomach ache. growing well.

NY: @B yep, pherk-bear*, so sweet.

PS pherk-bear literally means albino bear.




NY: at Chula* Academic workshop. must get into Chula uni

NY: @someone it is not like that. I also read on my own as well. @B is helping me with math only

B: @NY you must get it. so you will stay with me, *B**NY*

NY: @B, my Papa get well soon naaaaa. the battery ran out; so sry I made you worry til you ve got sick*. miss you

PS Chula = a uni in thailand
* that was just a joke, btw




NY: talking with @B as always. Cutie Meenoi*. just another 2 days til we meet Meenoi. Miss you infinty

B: @NY only 2 day left and then we meet *B**NY*… I am so happy… miss too

NY: @B papa mee-pherk

NY: @someone, will be there in the afternoon

B: @NY wanna go toooo

NY: @B lets go together ^^

B: @NY lets go to bed, dek-pherk. dream of me sometimes, k. *B**NY* mu only yiss naaaa

NY: miss only you, love you so much. just 1 day left now *B*

Meenoi literally means little bear. NY uses to refer to B




******* B is holding a paper. It reads “keep fighting, Dek-pherk” *************

NY: another important support @B for work, study, health, *LOVE*

B: @NY but for me… you are my all… you make my world goes round *NY*

NY: @B you are my all, my everything *NY*

B: @NY *NY* you and me *B* together




9.06 pm 11/17/2012

NY: I still can’t go to sleep without saying I love you to you. Are you ready? Counting to the fin moment  B only

B: I still can’t go to sleep without hearing that word too.. Tomorrow already. See you my Dek-Puak 




*B* is now with me, pherk @B *LOVE*

B: are you glad? @NY

NY: @B I am so happy. go back to eat, papa.

B:@NY so yummy




NY: this is the last picture. Thx everyone for following me and supporting me and @B. I am so glad and happy every time I see fan club having a good time. Thank you for all the sweets, the dolls, cards, and taking photos of us. I am so glad. don’t forget to following both me and @B. don’t forget to come to meet at Sm town 2012. I am so happy you all love us. We will come back soon. please supporting both of us *B* forever

B: I also thank everyone. I am so glad eveyone cheers and supports for us. @NY, NY and I are so happy. Please come to say hi if you guys see us *B**NY*




NY: Thank every single fan that have been following BothNewYear. so glad. Thank you very much. can’t believe there would be these many people who love and like us. thx so much for all those many many sweets and food. we ate them all. thank you for all smiles of lovely fans. thx for the cheers and support you give. thx so much for taking all these photos. thx for all good photos from @bnyloveable << follow!!. see ya

B: Agree wiht @NY and many thanks for @bnyloveable




*** the picture shows that NY passed the test***

B: congratulation. dek-pherk. well done. I am happy for you… Im gonna give you a present @NY.

NY: @B *love* foreer




NY: Thx for the lovely photo from the fans. (Dont think to far, I poked his nose with my finger so I went to check how it was). lots of thank to every one, from my heart.

B: I ve got a cccccuuuuutttt

NY: I am sorry

B: @NY awwwww~~ its ok now lol, *B**NY* don’t forget to take the medicine.




NY: thank for my big fans, BothNewyear @B forever *B**NY*

B: @NY forever absolutely… thank you so much BothNewyear fans.







BNY BothNewyear Forever @both Thank you everyone for following us.




NY: I will miss u all the time. Don’t change and never change. BNY Forever (Thxx everyone for supporting me)

B: Verrrry good. Thanks everyone too




3.28 pm 11/29/2012

NY: Paragon. Miss Both

B: Miss u too. Come to see me.

NY: Come to see me quickly. Miss u a lotttttt. U might not miss me lol.

B: Not trueee. I’m accuseddd

NY: *cry cry cry* ????

B: I’ll surely go to see you. Don’t cry big boy.




5.57 pm 11/29/2012

Under the picture: “Wanna stop the time = last song I sang to B. Waiting.”

“The same old days we used to have.. today have disappeared. I’m still missing them in every minute… never change.. No matter how long the time passes, this kid will still love and miss you forever. Wanna stop the time”

B: Thank you… We will meet again in 1 week.. Will wait for that day together.

NY: yayyyy another 7 days to meet u already. Glad ^^ Very cute 




5.35 pm 11/30/2012

NY: All through this time, we’re still thinking of the good memory and the good old days.

B: And wait for that old time begin again

NY: Papa come see nhu (=me) quickly. Wait for our future

B: Yes sir




2.12pm 12/1/2012

(under the picture) This time should be the time we stay together but now we don’t. We can just think of those moments, the moments filled with happiness. *bear* *kid* Thank you for such a cute photo krub.

NY: miss u all the time. Tonight before going to bed, I will sing u a song :))

B: u know how i feel right? And for sure i will wait for u coz i luv ur voice and ur song so much

NY: *blink* SURE *blink*




NY: Miss U *bear* *bear*

B: miss @B? lol miss you too. you should go back home already @NY

NY: @B don’t you know I miss you most in this world. BNY for life 

B: @NY >\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\< I now know *smiley face* you are the cutest…




(under the picture) Everything is you *bear heart* Thanks to FC for the cute picture.

B: u are my everything

NY: sweet tongue *smiling sticking tongue*




(under the picture) Missing the time we were together *bear heart kid*

B: yesss i miss those time a lottt *clock* wanna be there forver…miss that chair, table and night and sweet dream *kid*

NY: If you miss it, come to see me quickly Papa. Today is the Father’s day. Although I’m not with my father but I still have another one named Both *bear kid* you’re my all my everything na BNY Forever = for life *clock*

B: >///////////////////< yes sir Dek-Puak grow up quickly lol.. we will stand by each other side… BNY 4ever !!!




NY & B use *bear* emoticon as a rep of B and
*running kid* emoticon as a NY rep

NY: Miss U always, will never change *B**NY*, see you tmr, PAPA Both

B: Yep, yep, see you tmr. Let me do piggybacking. miss you.

NY: @B Daddyyyyyyyy

B: @Ny piggyback piggyback

NY: @B NY will do first

B: @NY thats fine, ok, we do it in turn

NY: @someone just piggybacking, there is nothing 18+, I am still young. don’t really thinking of those stuff




NY: Papa comes to see meeeee *bear heart kid*

B: yahooooooo Sooooooo glad. Let’s celebrate!!! Puak teat meeeeeee. Every meal is free! *kid dish bear*




NY: Happy Saturday *bear kid* on the way to Paragon with B

B: Happyy yahoooo Treat me treat me *bear kid money*

NY: (reply to someone) It’s p’ B who drove.




NY: Too free. During the wait to pay for itch t-shirts @B@centralworld *B**NY*

B: @NY You have to wear it, you know *NY**t-shirt**trousers* Dek-pherk

NY: @B Papa, you must wear it too. Papa is so sweet. It was so tiring today doing cu-tep cu-aat *t-shirt**B**NY**like**wink-wink*

B: @NY sure, we finally found them *smile**like* im so proud of you today *fighto* you will get what you (we) really want *builds(?????)* happy

PS: I guess they were talking about working together in bkk.










12.12.12 Time flies so fast day after day, but the important thing is to bring happiness to every day. We don’t know how long we will live. We don’t know when we will die.. we cannot know. But what we can do each day iis to tell the ones we love that we love them before it’s too late.. I love mom, brother, my family, friends, teachers, BNY fanclub and the most important I love you Papa *bear*

B: Yes right. We have to be happy everyday and we will bring happiness to every day no matter where we are, close or far. We will always have each other… All the feeling I have for you never changes.. Today is really a good day. I wish everyone I love, dad, mom, everyone in the family, friends, Dek-Puak *kid* and family, find only good things. I’d like to say I love you so much every day.




NY: There’re 365 days in a year, counting 8,760 hours. We will make our everyday a happy day. Thank you for bringing me happiness each day. Seeing the smile of the person we love.. When we are sad or gloomy, there’s still someone who’s always besides us. I’m so glad that we’ve known each other up to now. Both of us have several similarities: being students from Triamudomsuksa School (TU66&TU73) and even studying in the same building in grade 12. The time which has passed increases day after day. One thing I want to say is that not even a single day that I don’t miss you and don’t care about you. On the contrary, the waiting time decreases each day, which means that the time we are waiting for is coming closer and closer. Although we are far apart, we’re united in the hearts. Very soon, you will come to live permanently in Bangkok. It means that no matter how long the time passes, for months, for years or even until our last breath, we still have another person who loves us dearly and will love forever.

B: Yes right. We must seriously thank many things making us meet each other, face many things together until now. No matter how long it will be, how many months and years, we will have each other.. BNY forever. So soon, what we are waiting for will come true. I believe that it’s the most worthwhile waiting.. i wanna be with you.





NY: Papa *kuma* is helping *kid* with homework because I have so much homework *cry*. I surely have a reward for you. *trophy heart heart heart*

B: What is the rewarddddd?…lol… but it’s not finished yet… When it’s finished, you’ve to give me a big reward. Dek-Puak, let’s do the homework together so that it will be done quickly. Yours is done right? Papa’s is not. Fighting! *bear thumb up*

NY: nhu love papa *bear kid*

Note: nhu = I (humble, affectionate pronoun)




B: >//////////< happy… your hair is so funny lol *bear sticking tongue*




NY: I’m fulllllllll Gonna”facetime” now *kid*… Papa *bear* where are youuuu Missing you *blinking heart*

B: Papa is with nhu-Puak *kid*… If you miss me, come here nowww Let’s continue facetime

Note: nhu- = litterally means “mouse”. It can be used as a prefix to call a kid. Nhu-Puak = Dek-Puak but nhu is a bit cuter and softer than dek.




NY: Thank you for the cute pic from Fukyert. P’ Both sent it to me saying he liked it *bear heart kid* Thanks to all FC for *applause*

B: Ohh Your new haircut looks verrrrry nice Before&After are perfectly matched. So proud of it LOL Thanks for the pic from fukyert that I secretly stole… and thanks everyone for going to see *kid bear heart*

NY: Missing Papa *bear*

B: Miss you soooooo *kid*




NY: I’m Santa *santa* Comebackk Everydays miss you Merry X’mas and teddy bear Day *kid blink*

B: Santa *kid* .. dont forget my gift haha.. why Santa u look so young ? Haha.. see u soon miss miss *blink*

NY: miss miss soooooooo muchhhh another 1 week to my birthday already. Don’t forget my gift too strict papa *sticking tongue*





NY: HADA, have you ever tried? The more you use, the brighter you are. Chubby-cheek bear *bear* also uses it. If you are interested, contact @m… or @h… <<< come visit mysis’s shop *ok*

B: yes. It really brightens the face. Such a good product that you must try. @m… @h… this *bear kid* confirm @ny


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