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B: MAcarons eye at Le Normandie #Mandarin Oriendtal Hotal Bankok

NY: @B I love macarons so much

B: @NY ah~~ I thought you have gone to bed already. they are so delicious here.

B: have you tired ones at treecreeper ? its quite good as well @NY

NY: @B nah never lol, wanna try.

NY: @B where is it. I want to try lol

B: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, got confused? lol

NY: yeah lol, I don’t know how to drive

B: lol right. I will take you if we have time. where do you normally go for macarons?

NY: go go, I had it in Hongkong. quite good. I have never found good ones in Thaiiland

B: Ah~~ right, would you like this one then

B: @NY hope you would like it




1.18 pm 8/14/201

B: sea, sand, sun and sky

NY: sooooooooo handsome

B: Coz you can’t see my face clearly right?

NY: nice body-shape, handsome, perfect.. must be p’ Both

B: I would say those are you. Sparklingly handsome.

NY: Sooooo cheesy. I wanna eat macaron LOL

B: You haven’t tried the shop I told you?

NY: Don’t know how to get there. What should I doooo~~?

B: so…. you won’t have it then, lol




1.17 pm 9/23/2012

B: When I look at you

NY: this is an angle, clearly lol

B: you are so cheeky





8.29 pm 9/30/2012

B: This Nov.. Must get broke. no bust, no return

NY: Stay there and don’t even come back~

B: Right. Remember that. We will see.




9.57 pm 10/6/2012

B: In a dream

NY: Dream of what? lol

B: Of someone lol




10.30 pm 10/8/2012

B: cuz I am missing….
B: @NY
NY: @B Dr. Both is trying to be cute here
B: So cheeky. I can’t really even be compared to you.




8.34 pm 10/18/2012

NY Putting on airs huh?

B: Not as much as you lol

NY: Grrrrr angry

B: Angry my boo LOL LOL

NY: fatty lol

B: ok so sad TT lol




9.33 pm 10/19/2012

[under the photo] Reading and smiling

NY: Show me your smile


NY: Smile  feel good for tonight right?

B: Yes sir smiling face




0.08 pm 10/21/2012

B: Good morning sleepy head. Wake uppp!!!

B: haha

NY: Woke up already, fatty (cheek)

B: Very good. Have lunch too.




11.57 pm 10/23/2012

B: Only 2 days… Good night!

NY: Good night. Tomorrow I’ve work again.

B: Go for it. I know you can make it.. Fighting. Cheering you.




5.17 pm 11/1/2012

B: Happiness that I can’t hide.

NY: Miss you.

B: How much?

NY: A lot every day.. And you?

B: More than you did haha

NY: Today I’m sorry. I promise I wont do that again. Sleep a lot p’ Both. Tomorrow call me too. Rug loey LOL x3 Super Gang LOL

B: LOL Soooo cuteeeee OK Sure I will call you. Practise and sing this song for me ok? Rug loey lol

NOTE: “Rug loey” is a famouse song in 2006 from “x3 Super Gang” group. Here’s the song It’s about a girl/boy feeling nevous falling in love with someone. ^^




10.55 pm 11/3/2012

B: Rock n Roll

NY: You retouched the photo secretly?

B: lol I did it while waiting for the call.

NY: -_-+

B: lol 

NY: @NY @B

B: @B @NY lol




B: *nom nom* with @NY

NY: @B you are so cute, miss me?

B: @NY not really…. not really just a bit*

PS. what B meant was not just a bit, but LOADS




1.39 pm 11/7/2012

B: The feeling of having sb caring you when you are sick is good >//< Thank U, Dek-Pherk @NY

NY: This picccc Omy!!! Papa s soo cute, lol

B: @NY lol, so cute, right. You re so cute too, Dek-Pherk. Care for me?

NY: @B I much care for you ^^ how about you, papa? cherish or care?*

B: @NY yep, both muuuuuch cherish and care.

NY: nhu** loves papa

B: papa also love nhu too, Dek-Pherk @NY

*cherish and care sound rather similar in Thai. They were playing with words here. SO CUTE >////<
**nhu means me/I. normally used when the speaker wants to show his/her submissive side i.e. being cute




B: keep going, dek-pherk

NY: @B I am now already focusing. surely will keep fighting. But papa (daddy) has to come to teach me naaaaaaaa.

B: @NY sure. shall we start together ?

B: I have recovered already, cuz I have someone taking a real good care of me @NY, looooooool

NY: @B ok, we will taking the english test together. but you have to tutor me on O-net tooooo

B: @NY will teach you the english altogether @NY







0.42 am 11/10/2012

mak = a lot
Fin gun mod laewwww = Everyone is “fin” now
Fin = ultimate pleasure/happiness
5555 = LOL










9.34 am 11/16/2012

B: Got morning call from NY make me smile like this.. LuMu (love you miss you) and have a nice day.

NY: Papa, don’t worry. Fight! Miss you. We’ll meet each other soon.

B: Thank you everyone for worrying about my health. Now I get well. ^^ And thank you everyone a lot for supporting me and NY. Sincerely thank you. Sorry that I can’t tag everyone’s names.

NY: Do you miss me?

B: Yes sure. Mumam (miss you more and more) lol Sweet dream Dek-Puak




4.03 pm 11/17/2012

B: vrooom Going to see @NY because someone complaining that I should come now. See you Dek-Puak

NY: Ohh Papa, you said you wanna see me too no? Missing me right?

B: Yup, can’t wait for tomorrow

NY: Papa, mou only yiss (= miss only you) tomorrow I’ll go to see you at the airport ^^…. or I shouldn’t go?

B: If mou only yiss, you should go then

NY: Missing me right? I’ll surely go ^^ You drive me home too.

B: Mumam (= miss you more and more) I’ll surely drive you safely home.

NY: trái tim

B: trái tim




0.35 pm 11/18/2012

B: Bringing merit to NY. You can enter Chulalongkorn University for sure. Amen! Dek-Puak wake up now

NY: Amen! So that we will be close to each other. Take the plane quickly and come bak little bear

B: In a few hours. Miss you already. Huggg Eat a lot.




B: finally we meet *B**NY*
@NY this is how people hungry at night look like
B: @NY “Ar~~~m”
B: @NY. luts
B: @NY love you most, lol




B: waiting sb to have a meal together
B: @NY




Both: the place that I used to
Both: @newyear_kitiwhut yes, pay attention in class naaa…










B: It makes me warm all the day long.. thank u

NY: So that you’ll get well soon. Take care of yourself 

B: Yes sir. Will better soon




B: just want to say “do your best, fighting, will always be your support” I know you can make it.. fighting. Thx @@@ for this pic

NY: @B thanky you, you are so sweet. fight for the interview. miss *B**NY*

B: @NY go back home quickly after getting the interview done naaaaaaa.




B: I was sleeping so tightly. so gooddd

NY: @B surely a deep sleep lol. get full and then sleep, papa. *B**NY*

B: @NY yep, I was sooo full. eat then sleep, eat then sleep. I am nearly a pig now.




B: AH~~~~ get wake up already. you sleep too much.. I am jealous now

NY: @B I have already. I woke up cuz I don’t know who gave a morning call. So sweeeeeeeet

B: lol. @NY great. you must take care of you mom today.. be a good son *NY*

NY: @B papa, just come , so you can try my mommy cooking.

B: @NY really want to, can’t wait, its soo delicious.




B: wanna go back to BKK…. *NY* can’t wait anymore.*

NY: @B missing me? then come quickly, miss you much

B: @NY yep, miss u so much… will go surely. wait for me

PS B actually, can’t stop my heart




NY: fighting & gd luck with everything … take care of urself and get well soon

B: @NY cool cool…. go back home quickly… its nearly 8 pm already

NY: @B I came back already. I know that you care :))

B: @NY Yes!!…. you went back late. charge the battery as well

NY: @B two-person-one-heart, song before bed. love you much. sweet dream.

B: @NY always together




B: Father day this year, I am staying with my mom. I much love my dad, however. and importantly, want *NY* to be here, so all four could be together

NY: @B must have *NY* too. miss you so much. you hair is too long already. will take you to get it done. my mom said come back quickly to have her food again, my papa.

B: it must has, we are a family naaa…. sure, tell her this son will starve him self for that. prepared to get fat. miss both of you.




B: people once told me, once its friday, the happiness will come. At first I don’t believe it, until I experienced it with myself. It’s so happy. Lots of happiness *NY**B*

NY: @B will be happy once it’s friday. but for me, once it gets to Friday, or ANYDAY, I will be happy because everyday is a day of happiness +BNY love forever. “I-YA” *B**NY

B: just two words, “I-YA”. you are so sweet. it’s definitely a day of happiness. I am so happy, see you soon..

NY: @B missing you forever…. *heart*

B: @NY yess… me too.. never change either

PS “I-YA” is a sound you make when you are surprised by someone doing something much better than you thought




Both: you should come pick me up. (with a childish voice)

Newyear: ok kupppppp, always miss you ^^ see you soon Papa(Both)
Both: kub pommmm (a cute way to say ok/yes) see you naa miss youu…and please be on time…




B: Don’t wanna say that Spaghetti Khi Maow (Spaghetti fried with chilli and basil) cooked by NY’s mother is super duper yummyyyyyy *dish bear kid*

NY: soooooooo yummy. Let’s go on eating :)) *thumbs up*




B: Melon star soooooooooo yummy. Irresistably fresh *drink tricky smile* at Central World *kid bear*

NY: soooooooo yummy LOL *smileys* NY: Wanna come to drink again next time? Papa: No more. It was good all day but failed before going home. Papaaaaa *blink tshirt blink*

B: LOL righttttt No more desire to drink fruit juice lol.. but it was so fresh and woke me up… See you tomorrow *kid tshirt*




B: Waiting for Clod Atlas *kid bear*..really happy.. *wink* My beautiful day.. love it too

NY: cute Papa BNY forever and i promis that i will miss u & *heart* u forver *bear kid* wanna go to Pattani toooooooo *smile*

B: really cutee… BNY forever *shy shy shy*.. Come come, you’re very welcome. Come to visit Pattani and stay here.

NY: I’ll surely go there and stay with u tooooo *thumb up* *home heart bear*

B: Very good.. I won’t let you go. We’ll go back together haha *plane bear kid*

NY: okayy *ok ok ok ok* forever




B: I can say that “I don’t wanna go back.. don’t wanna go anywhere else anymore” indeed.. Wake up in time for the exam. Best luck. You can do it all very well! !!!

NY: miss u *clock ok*…*bear kid*…*cry* everything

B: miss u too sooo much.. See you around the end of the year okay?.. Go take a shower nowww *kid*

NY: okayyy Come for my birthday too yeahh *cake*

B: Sure. How can’t I go? Celebrating Dek-Puak’s birthday together for the first time. It’s a verryyyyy special day. *kid cake celebrate*

NY: Don’t go crying alone, okay? Cry together. Always missing you. Finish your internship quickly in 3.5 months and we’ll stay together. *bear kid*




12.12.12.. Many said today was a very good day. But, for me, no matter how good today could be, it is not as important as having each other, loving each other every day without change. From now on, no matter which day is, what date is, which month is, which year is, we will not leave each other, We’ll have two of us and love each other forever. *bear* & *kid*

NY: *clock* Many said time waited for no one. But today, I’m waiting for the time. Why? Because I’m waiting for the time of happiness, love, care and the tme we are close to each other. It may sound like exaggeration or whatever, but this is love which is beyond love and beyond any feeling… indescribable by words .. *bear heart kid*




B: Embarassssssssssed Miss youuuuuuuuu 12.12.12… Today is a good day *kid* told me to pay respect and pray to Buddha too… okay *bear kid*… Don’t be naughty.. Go home quickly okay?

NY: I will go home quickly Papa. Miss you sooo *bear kid*

B: Very Very good. You are really a good boy… Read well. Don’t be naughty, got it? *bear kid* lol

NY: got ittt Papa *ok blink*

PS. NY used the word “nhu” (หนู) instead of “I” here.




B: TKO by (NY’s) homework lol Am I that old? *bear* Kuma helps meee… You’ve to give me a big reward, okay?

NY: cutee I surely have a reward for you *trophy bear* Missing you the mosttttt. Thank you sooo much. *heart* Wanna meet you. After putting on lotion, I will ‘facetime” you *smile*

B: verrrrry good *thumbs up* faster fasterrr !!!!… i am waiting for u.




B: Huh! When do the end of the month and the New Year arrive? *bear upset*

NY: 13 days already miss you

B: yuppppppp… are u happy? Haha….miss u too… I can’t wait anymore *crying*

NY: miss u a lottttttttt Happiesttttttttttttttt *smile smile* i can’t wait too. Come to see me now; I wanna see you *bear heart kid*

B: If I had Doraemon’s magic door, I would go to see you everyday.. Seeing *kid*, eating your mom’s food often and taking you out also, good?

NY: Please eat a lot. Coming back this time, if you are not fatter, I will hit you to death (*just a joke meaning he’ll punish him). Eat a lot now. Back to Bangkok, you’ve to eat much, too. I will take you out for eating. I like you chubby and warm. *bear heart*

B: So, you have to treat me well. Back to Bangkok this time, I will become so fat that you can’t recognize lol

NY: Nhu (=I) wanna go out with Papa but now can only go around in your heart every night *smile* Eat a lot *cake sushi rice bowl*

B: wooooooooo I won’t let you go elsewhere. Stay in my *heart* only lol




B: Waiting for FaceTime’s time *B**NY*… Finish your meal already!

NY: @B I have finished already. Papa always forgets me.

B: @NY Oho, why don’t you share your meal with me, I want to have it with you… I have never forgotten you, waiting atm….. also We are facetiming together right now now. Huh lol.

NY: @B Papa is so cute. and yes~~ we’re facetiming now… Today you are acting (cajoling) soooo like a child *B**NY*

B: @NY *shy~~~~*. Well thats right I do that everyday

NY: @B love you, papa. sweet dream *love*

B: @NY yeeppppppppppp~ *love**NY* most… sweet dream. go to bed now now. don’t miss-behaviour.




B: Waiting to see the new haircut of *kid*. Cut it cut it chub chub chub (*lyrics from a popular song)

NY: You’ll see! eiei Miss you

B: Have it cut quickly and go home. Waiting for facetime nowwww Miss youuuu

NY: Papa, love you so much. Sleep well Papa. Stay together for….ever *cry thumb up blink*

B: kub pom always u and i… BNY forever *bear kiss kid* gd night kub

Note: kub pom, kub = yes sir/yes




B: Merry X’mas 2012… but where are you ? My santa *kid celebrate pinetree santa*

B: Santa newyear *kid santa sticking-tongue*

NY: I’m at paragon with mom and babysitter *blink* sata ssim a CHUM … ? ( = miss much)

B: good… take care ur self… *air kiss*… miss *kid*




B: Good mood cuz I’m happy woooo… Are you in good mood? *kid* .. Today, the brave boy has finished the exam *thumb up smile* Waiting for your rewarddd~…

NY: fatty teddy is very happyyy~~ Papa *bear bear*

B: yupppp good mood of course haha.. Good night *kid moon*





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